Monday, February 20, 2012


   I am readjusting to life this week. It seems like I do a lot of that between the average life events and the crazy roller-coaster of arthritis symptoms and drug side-effects. This week is special, though, because I am readjusting to the idea that I won't have a niece arriving next month. I was able to finish the Rose Leaf Blanket to wrap her in, though. We were able to wrap her in it while we said our goodbyes. Somehow that makes it a little easier knowing that she was wrapped in all that love I had been pouring into the blanket.

   Because of the emotional turmoil, I have needed my knitting even more than usual this week. So...of course I have been battling the costochondritis that prevents me from knitting. I've been knitting in spite of it, though, and just dealing with resulting pain. Of course, that means that my knitting has been a little sloppy, and I have taken out as much as I have knit. That is OK, though. The point is to knit, not to produce.

   What am I knitting? I'm glad you asked! I'm working on some lace knee-highs for myself! I'm using Wendy Johnson's "Vintage Kneehighs" pattern from Wendy Knits Lace The yarn I am using is SweetGeorgia Silk Crush in boysenberry. I am crossing my fingers that I have enough since I have very small feet and short legs. I might end up frogging and making crew socks once i get them 3/4 of the way done. I am just accepting that risk because I really want these purple knee-highs.